Thursday, 9 February 2017

Os ex ossibus (Gn 2:23)


God does not leave any person alone. He always takes care of his creature and suggests that people should support each other. He prepares the beautiful world for his children and gives them right to enjoy it. God knows all the dreams of the human beings and lets them become true. Moreover God the Father creates in every man a sacred space which longs for love. 
All the people ought to be aware of the vocation to love one another. For in this way they follow their Creator who does everything because of his Fatherly love. Everyone is invited to discover the similarity with God in his heart. Each one is created to be glad and to rejoice in the good relationships with his sisters and brothers. All of us are supposed to experience various kinds of love towards family members, friends, children but also towards the whole creation. Thus, we are embraced by the divine love of the Holy Trinity, angels, creatures and many holy people who live among us.  

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  1. I believe such beautiful reflections can come from those who are really in the 'holy ground'- in touch with the divine within.
    Blessed are those who come face to face with the holy ground of one another.Blessed are those who enter the holy ground in reverence.Blessed are those who find a eternal wellspring of love in the holy ground. Blessed are those who share from the abundace of love magnanimously.