Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A morte in vitam (J 5:24).

The Holy Spirit is still at work among the children of God. The point is to cooperate with the divine grace and to listen to the Spirit's gentle voice carefully. If you do that, you fulfil the will of God. In this way you respect God and show him your obedience. As a result, you can do such great works as the Son of God did. It is surprising how many good deeds you can perform. Moreover, you also experience the enormous love of the Father who cares for you all the time. He gives you life so that you could serve him in the world. As a response, you should honor him and give him thanks. You are supposed to hear his words, do everything in accordance with them so as to enter the heavenly kingdom. The message from God always gives strength and supports in difficulties. For it reminds that you are not alone but under the wings of God's Providence. Overall, your goal is to return to the house of the Father where you have a place prepared.

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