Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Praecedam vos (Mk 14:28).

I will go before you.

As human being I fall down again and again. Though I would like to be strong, I am not able to achieve it. I try my best and engage all my strength, but I still make mistakes. Moreover, I know for sure that I cannot trust myself but place my hope in the Lord. However I often forget to ask him for help. I used to commit sins and later kneel before God begging for mercy. I am a pity man who betrays the true values and turns towards misery. I do not follow the Son of God in his faithful prayer. I rather choose rest and pleasure. Thus I neither feel greatly distressed nor troubled while the danger of temptation comes. I do not run to my beloved Father in order to find security in his arms. I also cannot understand the way how things happen in my life because I do not consult them with my Lord. I am not the watchful person who keeps the deep relation to God, to others and to the world around. On the contrary, I like sleeping and taking my rest when I am to pray and watch. So I must arise from my spiritual laziness and put my whole trust in the Lord.

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