Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ego loquor ad te (Jon 3:2).

According to the Lord's bidding.

 To fulfill the will of God is a crutial thing. Although sometimes it is not easy, a Christian is supposed to act according to the Lord's bidding. The thing is to try your best believing that God is always with you. Obviously, not everyone is eager to live in accordance with the God's precepts. Nonetheless, somewhere deep in human heart there is a tender voice which suggests to be obedient to God.  If you listen to it, your life makes sense and you are on the road towards the Kingdom of God. But even if you commit a sin, you should remember that God is able to relent and forgive your mistake. Since God will not spurn a contrite and humbled heart. On the contrary, in his goodness he has mercy and wipes out your offence in his great compassion. Accordingly, your heart is clean and steadfast all the time.

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