Saturday, 24 November 2012

Benedictus Dominus, adiutor meus (P144:1).

Blessed be the Lord, my rock.

All my power comes from my God. By my own I am so weak and fragile. I am able to work and study, because he gives me his Spirit to strengthen me. So in him I trust and have a stronghold in the days of distress. Even if I commit a sin, I can always come back to him and find his help. Therefore I am so grateful and joyful and my heart is filled with praise. For he grants me his favour and grace to enrich me and to make me start again. As a result, I become optimistic about my future and am ready to accomplish my endeavours. Although there are lots of bad news around me, I do not give up but have strong faith and hope. Moreover, I keep my mind on the heavenly things and meditate about the everlasting life. In such a way, I am a child of God under the guard of his holy angels. Also I do experience his divine presence in my life and stand firm upon his rock.  

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