Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nisi mittam manum meam in latus eius (Jn 20:25)

Unless I put my hand into his side.

O my Lord, I have the same desire to put my finger into your side and to touch your divine heart. Since many saints had this experience and for that reason they were very close to you. However, though I am following you in my life, I do not see you nor feel your presence. Nonetheless, I keep searching you and looking for your love. I acknowledge that I am lukewarm and do not want to suffer too much. Meanwhile I am aware of importance of sufferings and I do believe that every time I am weak, I become strong thanks to your grace. But again and again I need to be reminded that even if I do not have a particular experience as saints had, I am still under the wings of your Providence. For sure you come to my heart daily in the Holy Eucharist and speak gently through the Scripture. You encourage me with your peace and other blessings I do not realize. Furthermore, you invite me tenderly to be with you in the spirit. I am sorry that I would like to meet you in human way. Now I know that it is much better not to see you with my bodily eyes.    

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